Code of Ethics


  1. Being a Sinulog photo contest participant does not extend any special privileges as free entrance to any private event, nor does it entitle the photographer to any special VIP seating or placement.
  2. Proper decorum and behavior is EXPECTED and REQUIRED of all Sinulog photo contest participants. Please do not disrupt any mass proceedings, processions or other solemn events. Likewise, photographers are not allowed to disrupt or interrupt the flow of the street dance.
  3. During the Sinulog Grand Street Parade on January 15, 2017, Sinulog photo contest participants must wear their official IDs in the neck lines. IDs must be visible at all times when photographer is within the Sinulog dance route. Failure to wear the ID will result to immediate confiscation of the ID, immediate exit from the dance route and disqualification from the competition.
  4. Photographers who bring their assistants with them are required to apply for official Sinulog photo contest ID for their assistants. One ID is good for 1 person. Registration fee for assistants is at P1,500 for early birds and P1,800 for regular rate.
  5. Registration fee will not be refunded to any Sinulog Photo Contest participants whose IDs has been confiscated.